4 Mistakes You Could Make When Buying a Christmas Wreath

4 Mistakes You Could Make When Buying a Christmas Wreath

When you think of a Christmas wreath, what do you picture?

During Christmas time, most stores start carrying low quality wreaths that are just shoved in a bag, leaving you to work out the rest when you get home.

Low quality wreaths are not welcoming and have been Australia’s only option for a long time.

This year, The Doors of Berry is inviting you to reconsider the ‘standard’ Christmas wreath. Here’s a list of 4 mistakes people make when buying a Christmas wreath. Avoid these mistakes and you will have a welcoming wreath to adorn your home this Christmas.

Mistake #1: Believing low quality is your only option
Although low quality wreaths are common, they certainly aren’t the only option. The Doors of Berry has a wide selection of exceptionally high-quality wreaths for your home this holiday season including real foliage wreaths that last.

Choose from natural materials like Australian Cotton from Goondiwindi, QLD or natural hemp Rope. Our ever-popular Preserved Boxwood or Preserved Hydrangea are preserved fresh and designed to last.

Mistake #2: Believing your only option is tizzy and over the top

Here at the Doors of Berry, we believe that tizzy, over-the-top wreaths do not suit Australian homes. We built our business because we noticed a lack of wreaths for Australian Homes that are made of natural materials and simple tones.

For example, your minimal style might not suit a fluffy, bright green wreath decorated with tinsel and ornaments. That’s why we created wreaths like our Jingle Bell Wreath. It stays true to Christmas décor without being too overwhelming.

Mistake #3: Believing cheaper is better

Some people believe that cheap wreaths are better because they can afford to get one each year. However, our high-quality wreaths that cost a little bit more are designed to be used all year round.

For example, you can transform one neutral wreath with a simple holiday-themed accessory. Our Preserved Boxwood Wreaths are the perfect canvas for your holiday wreath. Just add a red bow at Christmas time and you’ve got yourself a stunning Christmas wreath, then use a navy and white stripe bow from our Bow Collection during the year for an ever-popular Hamptons style.

Mistake #4: Believing my door can’t have a wreath hung from it

Many homes in Australia have glass or screen doors, so homeowners think they can’t hang a wreath on their door. However, all you need is an easy-to-use wreath hook or a piece of wreath ribbon.

Our 30cm Wreath Hooks come in black or white and allow you to easily hang any wreath from your door. Simply sit the flat end of the hook atop your door and hang the wreath from the other end. Our wreath hooks are thin enough that you should have no issue closing your door.

If you would prefer to hang with a Wreath Ribbon simple purchase our 1m lengths from our site and loop through the wreath and attach both ends atop of the door and use a thumb tact to secure in place. Your door will be able to close with ease and you will have a neat ribbon length to hang your wreath with. This also gives you the option if you need your wreath hung at a certain length. (Used for large doors or doors with glass panels.

If you’re looking for a high-quality wreath designed for your Australian home that can be used all year round and is easy to hang, Shop The Doors of Berry Christmas Collection for Your Christmas Wreath this year.