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Handmade Oversized Wreaths

Handmade from vines foraged on our Family Farm located in Berry, NSW on the South Coast. We set out on an adventure with our kids in search for the vines that grow naturally in the trees on our 410 acre farm of rolling hills and roaming cattle. When we find these treasures its all hands on deck to remove them and then we pile the tractor high and head back home. I then work hard creating Wreaths by working with the vine and seeing where the Wreath will naturally bend. Each Wreath ends up approximately between 70 cm and 80 cm and are bespoke in their nature and no two are the same.  You can choose between a thick style vine or a thin style vine in either 70 cm 80 cm size. You can add to your Wreath with fresh foliage or leave it natural. From our farm to your front door these Wreaths are as natural as it gets and why not have a piece of our beautiful area in your home.