Other Places to Display Your Wreath Other Than a Front Door PART 1

Other Places to Display Your Wreath Other Than a Front Door PART 1


Are you a Wreath lover and have more than one Wreath? Or are you new to Wreath Culture and want to hang your Wreath somewhere other than your front door? There are many places to display a Wreath and hanging is not the only option. A Wreath is a great decor piece as it can be moved around the home to get more use out of it throughout the seasons. Below we look at different places that suit displaying Wreaths.


Mirrors are not just for bedrooms and bathrooms. They are great for using in displays on walls and furniture and help make a space look bigger and bring a different aspect to your look. Whether your mirror is hanging on a wall or positioned upright on a buffet hanging a Wreath from one is very easy and looks very effective. If your mirror has a square frame and is the right size then you can use a Wreath hook to hang over the top to quickly display a Wreath. If it is more ornate than you can use a ribbon to loop through the Wreath and attach to the back of the mirror and hang it over the top.

hanging wreaths on mirrors


Whether a coffee table, dining table or outdoor table a Wreath can be displayed so easily horizontally or even elevated as a centrepiece with a candle in the middle. Use a cake stand to elevate your Wreath for this effect. A Wreath can be so versatile with this display as it can easily be moved and hung to display somewhere else creating a whole different look.

displaying wreaths on tables

Piece of Furniture:

A piece of furniture can find a new life with a Wreath hanging from it. When entering a room, the eye will now be drawn to the different laying effect you can create and texture differences in your room. A buffet is also a beautiful way to display a Wreath as it enhances the showcase of your special things displayed.

displaying wreaths on furniture

Fire Place/Mantle:

A fire place is a place to gather family and friends a Wreath hanging above it just sums up the word HOME. Whether hanging on the wall above or displayed on a mantle piece you can create a beautiful welcoming display of homewares to add to the warm feeling of your home.  

displaying wreaths on mantles

There are so many places to display Wreaths other than a front door and these suggestions are just the beginning, to continue to be inspired by other places to display Wreath CLICK HERE to read PART 2 of this Blog: Other Places to Display Your Wreath Other Than a Front Door PART 2.