Other Places to Display Your Wreath Other Than a Front Door PART 2

Other Places to Display Your Wreath Other Than a Front Door PART 2

Other Places to Display a Wreath Other Than a Front Door PART 2

There are so many places to display Wreaths other than a front door. This is Part 2 of many different places to display a Wreath other than a front door. CLICK HERE if you want to read Part 1 of this list. If you are a Wreath lover and have more than one Wreath or are wanting to find a new place to display your Wreath than take inspiration from these ideas below.

Hooks Internal/External:

Hallway hooks were originally used to hang handy items needed for everyday life for work around the house. They are now a fashionable piece of hardware to display home wares at eye level, bring balance to a room and be used instead of art.

hanging wreaths on hooks 

Hallway Table:

The hallway table is more than just a place to put the keys as you walk in the door. It’s usually the first piece of furniture in a foyer and can say so much more than “I’m a dumping ground”. If you don’t already have a Wreath on your front door than the hallway table can be just as welcoming to your guests. The hallway table also lends itself to displaying your Wreath horizontally or on an angle shown below.

 displaying wreaths on hallway tables


Wreaths and Windows can work in perfect harmony as they bring a balance to each other with their different shapes. You can add texture to a plain window with a Wreath and bring dimension to a space.

 hanging wreaths on windows


The hub of the family home is the kitchen and what better way to say family than with a Wreath. Originally Wreaths symbolised the strength of a family & were hung year-round in hope that protection would be offered to the family of the house it hung on.

 displaying wreaths in the kitchen

If you thought that a front door was the only place to hang your Wreath than enjoy moving your Wreath around the different places suggested above and finding new places to display your Wreath other than a front door.