How to Find the Best Display Position for Your Wreath?

How to Find the Best Display Position for Your Wreath?

Picking the right Wreath to suit your home is hard enough but positioning it correctly to get the styling perfect is hard to achieve. Our 4 quick questions below will give you the knowledge on correct positioning to increase longevity of your Wreath, achieve perfect styling that works with your home and gain the understanding of positioning so you can move your Wreath around your home.

Every Wreath will suit a position better than others. Below are 4 questions to ask yourself before positioning your Wreath.

1. Is You Wreath Fresh or Artificial?

The reason for this question is would your Wreath suit an internal or external position better? If it is a fresh Wreath it will last much longer indoors. If it is artificial it will lend itself to a position outdoors.

fresh and artificial wreaths

2. What Position Does Your Door Face?

If you are wanting to hang a Wreath on your front door you need to ask what direction if faces? In Australia if your front door faces east it will get the morning sun. If it faces west it will get the harsh afternoon sun. If it faces south it won’t get much sun at all and if you are in a southern cooler area your front door could be quite a dark damp area. This is very important as a Fresh Wreath could dry out faster or become dewy and mouldy if placed in the wrong position. Artificial Wreaths could fade extremely fast if placed on a western facing front door.

preserved wreath pine cone wreath cotton wreath

3. What Size Is Your Wreath?

Size is an important factor when it comes to positioning your Wreath as doors come in all different sizes and if being styled with other decor pieces you will it to compliment the display. For a front door, you do not want your Wreath to be any less than half the width of the door itself. For example, if you have a large door that is 120 cm then a 60 cm Wreath would suit. If you are looking at using a bedroom door that is 80 cm, then a Wreath approximately 40 cm would look good.

different sized preserved boxwood wreath

4. Is Vertical the Only Option?

When it comes to Wreaths we think to hang them, but did you know there are other ways to position them? A coffee table is a great place to display a Wreath. Placed horizontally a Wreath can be used to hold candles in the middle giving you a complete styled display that’s unique. Another way to display a Wreath horizontally is on a dining table. Use a cake stand to elevate the Wreath and display it as the centrepiece on its own or add a garland down the table to add a grand effect. You will look like a styling genius and it only used a few simple techniques. When considering either a vertical or horizontal position, look at your Wreath and see if it has a feature area or if it is the same all the way around? Is it a thick/high Wreath or is it a flat/low Wreath? If it has a focal feature it would be better suited to a vertical position to show off the feature. If it is the same all the way round then a horizontal position would work well.

displaying wreaths on tables

Now that you have asked yourself is my Wreath Fresh or Artificial, what position your front door faces, the size of your wreath and if it would suit vertical or horizontal positioning you will be confident to choose the right position for your Wreath and begin styling away.

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