How Does Preserved Boxwood Last So Long?

How Does Preserved Boxwood Last So Long?

Preserved boxwood wreaths are perfect for anyone who wants an all-year-round wreath, but also loves natural styling using fresh foliage. If you’re looking to create ‘country style’ in your home, preserved boxwood is the way to go.

What is Preserved Boxwood?

You’ve likely seen preserved boxwood on The Doors of Berry social media and thought it was a pretty, fake topiary. But boxwood is a natural plant with many small leaves that grow close together, so the plant always looks full and lush.

How could such a gorgeous plant that is transformed into a wreath and hung on the door year ‘round be real?

Our preserved boxwood is made from 100% real boxwood that has been soaked in a bright green dye and chemical solution and then dried. The result is a beautiful houseplant that will remain green for years. And you hardly have to care for it!

Does Preserved Boxwood Need Maintenance?

Although you don’t have to water or prune preserved boxwood, there are some quick tips you should know so you can get the most out of your new favourite country-style wreath.

  1. Preserved boxwood is best for indoor use but can be used outside with care.

Boxwood that has been preserved is tough, but it’s still a natural plant and is vulnerable to the elements. The sun can burn boxwood leaves and rain can cause mould and mildew. Preserved boxwood wreaths will last longest when placed inside or positioned outside away from the elements.

  1. Lightly mist your preserved boxwood wreath

Every four to six weeks or so, give your preserved boxwood a light misting. You don’t want the leaves to be completely wet, you just want to make sure they stay hydrated. This is especially important during dry seasons! All you have to do is lay your wreath on the grass, put some room temperature water into a spray bottle or mister and give it a quick all-over mist. Allow it to dry before hanging it back in position.

  1. Properly storing preserved boxwood

You can absolutely hang preserved boxwood wreaths all year long, but there may be certain times of the year when you want to switch up your home décor. When you’re ready to store your wreath, place it in back in the large box The Doors of Berry sent it in and place the lid on top. Our boxes have been designed especially for perfect wreath storage. Store the box flat and keep it away from sunlight, heat, and moisture.

If your Preserved Boxwood is damaged by the elements

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your preserved boxwood wreath is damaged by the elements, you don’t have to throw it away! You can give it new life by spray painting it a colour that goes well with the rest of your home décor – white, silver, or gold would look amazing!

Now that you know what preserved boxwood is and how to take care of it, you can purchase your next wreath or topiary with confidence. Check out our Boxwood Collection today!