Don’t Get Hung Up on How to Hang Your Wreath

Three Options to Use When Hanging Your Wreath

You finally have your beautiful new Wreath in your home and its ready to hang but you’re thinking… ‘how do I actually hang it”? Wreaths have been hung for hundreds of years in all different ways but as the Wreath is the focus its often hard to see how it’s actually done. Below are some key ideas to give you confidence in how to hang and display your Wreath to the Wreath’s best advantage.

Wreath Hook

The handy Wreath Hook is very easy and quick and can be used on internal and external doors. They just fit straight over the top of the door and hang down approx. 30 cm from the top. You will need to consider a few things prior to using your hook.  You need to have a standard thickness door to “hang” your hook from.  You also need to check the denseness (any gaps in the weave) of your wreath and whether or not you are able to slide the hook through a gap to support the wreath. The colour of the wreath hook could either make a statement or clash with your front door so consider the colour option when purchasing your wreath and hook.

hanging a wreath with a wreath hook

3M Hook

The 3M Hook is another great option for hanging a Wreath but please consider the weight of your Wreath and choose the correct 3M Hook to use. 3M Hooks can also be used on walls etc which is another great way to display your Wreath. They can also be used internally and externally around the home and are available in white and clear – perfect to suit your Wreath without distracting from the display.

hanging a wreath with a removable hook

Ribbon & Thumb Tack

If you are wanting to achieve a complete décor look with tailored colours and style then a Ribbon is your best choice. This method takes a little more time but can really show off your Wreath in a beautiful way. Ribbons are best suited for hanging Wreaths on doors not walls. Obviously, a ribbon or bow can be used on the bottom of the Wreath for styling purposes. If you would like to use a ribbon at the top of your Wreath to hang, you will need to cut the ribbon at a double length from Wreath to the very top of your door. (See picture) Once you have your ribbon cut, loop it through your Wreath and secure both ends, one on top of the other to your door with a thumb tack. You will need a hammer to nail the thumb tack into the top of your door to secure the ribbon ends. Make sure the ribbon stays at the top of the door and no loose ends are showing. Ensure the ribbon is straight and not twisted. Using this method, you can tailor the colour of the ribbon to suit your door, your Wreath and your season. Match the same ribbon used to hang with a bow on the Wreath and you will have the complete look.

hanging a wreath with a ribbon

Considering these 3 options will help you decide which method is best to hang your Wreath. You can now be confident in how to hang your Wreath to best suit your home and style.